I wanted to create a website. So I did it with neocities

I wanted to create a website. So I did with neocities. I want to keep this website quite small and minimal. I intend for this site to only be seen by me and my boyfriend really. I dont know who else I would tell.

Why so secretive?A small rant

Im not. I dont think this website will ever be interesting or pretty enough to be visited. At least, I dont plan for it to be. Maybe a picture or two. Would it then still be considered minimal? I would consider that minimal,if we go by the dictionary definition . Considering the popular websites here are meant to replicate the 90s/y2k maximalist style, I doubt mine would attract the average neocities user's attention .

But..I do it deliberatley. That is how I like it. When eyes arent on you, there is less pressure to comply to what others will consider right and wrong think. There is a sense of freedom, without anyone to look over your shoulder. Apart from the seperate issues regarding non-free-and-open-source-software, the lack of freedom and the absolute ignorance and/or tolerance to group think has driven me completly off of social media (Unless you consider some forums social media). Evereyone has become one of the same and turns their backs on those who value critical thinking.There is no authenticity or sense of identity. I hope the neocities community shares these values as much as I do. To avoid this becoming a derivative of social media , almost like a SOCIAL MEDIA 2.0, I would like my site to remain almost unknown as a place where I can write to myself as true and authentically as possible

What will this site be about?

Im not sure yet. I will decide later.